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transport industry is an important part of the structure of the national economy. Transportation is the basis for the development of the national economy, and it is in a link position in the process of social expansion and reproduction. Therefore, it is necessary to advance in construction......

ground transportationGROUND SHIPPING

Ship Operations, where ship operators operate passenger and cargo transport on sea routes with their own ships or chartered ships. The operation can be regular, scheduled liner transport......

maritime transportSEA DELIVERY

air transport (air transportation), a mode of transport using aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft to transport people, cargo, and mail. With the characteristics of fast and mobile, it is a modern passenger transportation......

Sea Air Transport AIR FREIGHT

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transportation is divided into transportation and distribution. There are many different views on the distinction between transportation and distribution, and the movement of all items is transportation.

Express Freight

can be said that transportation refers to the whole, distribution refers to a part of it, and the focus of distribution is that the main meaning is also reflected.

timely delivery

supply and sales logistics, and the transportation of pipelines and conveyor belts in production logistics.

ground transportation

transport means to transport people. Money. The process of transferring things from one place to another. It is considered to be the foundation of the national economy.


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free door-to-door pick-up, full insurance, logistics services. Provide safe and fast payment recovery service. Accept the entrustment of the customer at the place of shipment, deliver the goods to the destination customer, recover the payment from the destination customer at the same time as the delivery of the goods, and return the payment to the customer at the place of shipment within the specified time limit.